Geographical Advantage

Northeast Hub Port, Busan New Port

In response to the rapidly increasing container volume and the trend of increasing vessels, the world-class infrastructure and facilities are equipped, and the transshipment cargo of Busan Port with excellent facilities and equipment in addition to the geographical advantages along the route connecting Asia, the Americas and Europe will continue. Busan New Port is a key port for future ports in Northeast Asia, forming a wide-area transportation network system and establishing a systematic port development and a backbone industry network.

BCT, Best Location in Busan New Port

BCT is located near the entrance of the route from Busan New Port and has sufficient depth at the dock of a super-large ship, and is located at the best location in Busan New Port, which can provide accessibility and ease of berthing

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st hinterland road: Sinhang~Chojeong IC
2nd hinterland: Ungdong~Jinrye IC
Railroad : Sinhang~Samrangjin IC
North Container terminal hinterland
South Container terminal hinterland
Ung-Dong hinterland