Terminal Competitiveness

Best Location
Located at the entrance to Busan New Port, BCT provides an best location for navigation and departing of mega vessels
Best Equipment
BCT provides a state-of-the-art quay crane with the highest lifting height in Busan New Port
Best Port Facilities
The berthing facility was built with sufficient front water depth and designed based on 24,000 TEU-class ship

Best Location

BCT is located at the entrance to Busan New Port and has a max. 18m of water depth, providing the best location for mega-vessel to approach terminal. In addition, all port facilities related with ship are designed and constructed based on the 23,000 TEU vessel size to support stable and safe Port Stay

Mega-vessel capability

For efficient loading and unloading of mega-ships, ultra-large quay crane with a maximum lifting height of 53m, outreach to 24 rows, and advanced automation capabilities is introduced.

Efficient Vertical layout

Advanced and efficient vertical layout which is capable of Independent operation between CHEs, is suitable for an unmanned automatic structure, can wait at the same time for more than 130 trucks waiting is used for BCT

Advanced s/w techniques

Apply various types of operational efficiency techniques such as Pre-Positioning, Automatic House Keeping, Strategic Decking, Automatic Work Instruction Pushing System, Systematic Yard Planning, Auto Ship Planning, Automatic Confirmation

Realtime Reefer Monitoring

In order to eliminate MMI (Man-Machine Interface) errors caused by yard crane automation, support stable and efficient automated operation, and to ensure stable management of refrigerated containers, real-time Reefer Container Monitoring System is introduced to determine whether power is supplied or not. We provide a real-time monitoring service of the desired freezing temperature.